Source: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Group: Aletheia University, Department of Applied English [Zhenli daxue yingyong Yingyu xuexi]
Premiere: 2010
Place: Tainan
Venue: Aletheia Hall [Zhenli tang], Tainan Campus of Aletheia University
Director: Ye, Violet
Crew: Li, Jimmy (stage director); Wu, Nancy (production assistant); Zhang, Lynn (associate director); Wang, Lisa (costumes); Huang, Apple (costumes); Zhu, Vicky (costumes); Chen, Eva (costumes); Zeng, Jing-ling (costumes); You, Anne (costumes); Hong, Icy (costumes); Zhang, Jessica (set crew); Liu, Emma (set crew); Chen, Hawk (set crew); Li, Andy (set crew); Xie, Sophie (set crew); Lin, Yan (set crew); Wang, Wendy (subtitles); Chen, Neal (subtitles); Wang, Winnie (subtitles); You, Anne (web design); Wen, Sunny (public relations); Huang, Apple (public relations); Chen, Eva (public relations); Lin, Yan (public relations); Li, Andy (public relations); Chen, Hawk (budget); Wang, Winnie (budget); Liu, Joanna (photographer); Chen, Steve (photographer); Liu, Emma (publicity); Lien, Vicky (publicity); Liu, Joanna (publicity); Xie, Sophie (publicity); Chen, Steve (publicity); Zhang, Kevin (dance); Zhou, Lucy (dance); Xie, Sophie (sound effect); Wen, Sunny (sound effect); Lien, Vicky (lighting); Hong, Icy (lighting); Zhang, Lynn (lighting); Chen, Eva (MC); Wang, Lisa (MC)
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Cast: Chen, Hawk (Theseu); Zhou, Lucy (Hippolyta); Chen, Steve (Egeus); Li, Shi-lan (Hermia); Wei, Pei-you (Lysander); Hong, Qiao-ru (Helena); Zhang, Kevin (Demetrius); Zhu, Vicky (Puck); Chen, Neal (Oberon); Zeng, Jing-ling (Titania); Wang, Wendy (Fairy); Li, Andy (Bottom); You, Anne (Cupid)
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Language: English
Genre: drama
Rights: Aletheia University, Department of Applied English [Zhenli daxue yingyong Yingyu xuexi]
A Midsummer Night's Dream
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This is a student production adopting a modern English translation of Shakespeare's original, with costume design recalling ancient Greece.
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Source: CNA News [Zhongyang tongxun she]
Date: 2010/5/5
Language: Chinese
Abstract: Depicting love, the play teaches us to cherich what we have.